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Record calls: FAQ

In this article, you can find answers to the most popular questions about recording calls.

Are the forwarded calls recorded?

The forwarded calls will also be recorded if you have configured recording for inbound calls.

You can find the forwarded call recordings under Bitrix24.Drive > Company Drive > Telephony - Recorded Calls or Telephony > Call Details.

Read more in the article - Where and how long are call recordings stored?

I have enabled the call recording option but cannot find the recording of the forwarded call. Why?

In case the call has been forwarded to the employee's mobile phone but the client has hung up before the employee answered, the call details won't have the call recording available since the conversation hasn't started in fact.

I open my Company drive and don't see the "Telephony - Recorded Calls" folder. Where is it?

Most likely you haven't activated the call recording option. Read how to activate it in the article - Record calls.

Please note that you need to activate this option for each PBX, rented number or connected number separately.

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