Sales Intelligence Settings

Click Sales Intelligence > Settings to configure the attribution window and referring domains.

Attribution window

For example, the client has seen your ad on Facebook, got to your website and filled out the CRM webform. The new lead will be added to CRM and the client path will look like that:

Ten days later this client comes back to your website. For example, he/she has found your website on Google. The client performs an action on the website and the lead traffic source is marked as "Other traffic" as it doesn't belong to any of the connected sources.

But you know that this client has seen the ad on Facebook and you want to reflect it in CRM.

In this case, you need to configure the Attribution window:

By default, the attribution window is 28 days. This means that if the client performs an action in 28 days from the first visit, lead/deal will have the initial traffic source displayed in the client path.

The attribution window can also be used for leads and deals:

Referring domains

Bitrix24 automatically recognizes popular social networks as traffic sources even without using utm_source tags. You can disable this feature in the Referring domains section of the Sales Intelligence settings:

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