Sales center overview

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More and more clients want to communicate with a seller in messengers and social networks and to be able to buy something from this seller straight away, make a reservation, schedule an appointment or get directions.

Moreover, most of the clients prefer using mobile devices rather than desktops or laptops. Due to this fact, webpages that you send to clients need to be mobile-friendly. This also influences the list of available payment methods that need to be mobile-friendly too.

Sales center

Sales Center is a tool designed to work with your customers in chats and perform chat enabled sales.

In a few clicks, you can:

  • Provide your clients with information about your company, contact information and directions.
    Read more in the article - Information pages.
  • Send contact info or reservation (booking resources) webforms.
    Read more in the article - Sales center: booking resources.
  • Create an order that a client will be able to pay straight away.
    Read more in the article - Receive payments.

How it works

Connect messengers and social networks in the Contact center section.

Read more in the article - Connect Open Channels.

You'll get customers inquiries to Bitrix24 Messenger. An agent will just need to select an appropriate webpage/webform and send it to a client.

Connect payment systems and send a direct link to an order information page where a client can pay it straight away.

Read more in the article - Sales center: connect payment systems.

You can also use other chat enabled sales webpages or create new ones. All these webpages are mobile-friendly.

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