Sales center: information pages

Bet that most of your clients are asking you all the same questions: Where are you located? How to make a payment? Can I get more information about your company?

It takes some time to type or copy/paste a reply. In Bitrix24, you can select a preconfigured mobile-friendly webpage with the information needed and send it to a client in a few clicks.

How it works

Don't forget to configure the sales center first. Read more in the article - Sales center: how to start.

For example, you've got a message from your client asking where can he pick up his order.

Click the Chat enabled sales button in the chat window and select an appropriate page. In our case, it'll be the Contacts page.

Here you can see how the page looks like and quickly edit it if needed.

Done! Click Send and the client will get a webpage link with all the information needed.

Add new pages

You can also add your own information pages and send them to your clients.

Read more in the article - Add new pages.
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