Sales center: how to start

To use the chat enabled sales option, you need to create an online store using a special "Chat enabled sales" template. This template contains mobile-friendly pages that you can send to your clients in chats.

The Sales Center is not available on all Bitrix24 cloud plans. Also, the Sales Center is not available in the archived On-premise version of Bitrix24.CRM.

How to create a "Chat enabled sales" online store

There are several ways to create a "Chat enabled sales" online store:

  1. Click Sales center > Chat enabled sales > Connect.

    Select the online store's design and color theme.

    Also, you can specify the online store name and text that will be shown as a preview on social pages.

  2. The second way is to create a "Chat enabled sales" online store in the Online Store section. Click Online Store > New online store > Chat enabled sales.
  3. Or you can open any chat with a client and click the Chat enabled sales button.

    Click Create.

You can have only one online store based on the Chat enabled sales template.

Edit standard pages

You can edit standard "Chat enabled sales" online store pages (Contact info, Payment options. About company, etc.).

These pages contain demo data. To edit pages, just click the one that you want to edit.

Read more in the article - Create your site in Bitrix24.Sites.

You can edit blocks, move them or add new ones.

Connect open channels

When the "Chat enabled sales" online store is configured, you need to connect messengers or social networks to communicate with clients.

Configure payment systems

To process payments, you need to configure payment systems.

Read more in the article - Sales center: connect payment systems.
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