Notification center

Notifications center of Bitrix24 Messenger shows you notifications about new messages, new tasks, invitations to workgroups/projects, new "likes" to your posts and comments, etc. These notifications are shown at the top right corner:

Notification viewing

Notifications that require your action stay active until the end of the user session. To view the notifications history, click the Notifications button.

A user will get a notification about any message or comment, Feed post, task, post in a workgroup/project where he/she has been mentioned or selected as a recipient.

By default, the Auto-read option is enabled in the chat settings. Notifications that are visible on the screen become read. Thus, you won't miss a single notification!

If there are a lot of notifications and you need to read them all at once (reset the notification counter), use Mark all as read button. 

You can also change the notification status manually - double-click on the notification and it will become unread again, and vice versa.

Notification filter

In the notification center, you can filter notifications and search for them - by type, by text and by date. Click the Open Filter button. 

Temporarily disable notifications

You can temporarily disable notifications by selecting Don't disturb status as your user status. All notifications can be read later in the Notifications section.
If you've been mentioned in the message, you'll get a notification about it regardless of the selected status.

Do Not Disturb and Focus Assist

The Bitrix24 app supports Do Not Disturb for macOS and Focus Assist for Windows. When you enable these modes, all Bitrix24 notifications will be blocked. If you explicitly mention an employee in the chat, such notification will be shown.

To support this option, you need 12 Bitrix24 app version or higher.

Configure notifications

You can configure notifications by clicking Settings > Notifications in desktop app or web messenger.

You can select simple mode or advanced mode when configuring notifications. In the simple mode, you can only select channels (Website, mobile and desktop apps; Email; Push) for receiving notifications. In the advanced mode, you can select types of notifications and channels for receiving each type of notifications.

By default, email notifications are disabled. You can always enable them in the Notifications section. Disabled notifications are not shown in the notifications history.

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