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Login problems

Here are some problems that you may face when logging in and instructions on solving these problems. First you need to log in to your Bitrix24 account.

"Incorrect login or password" error

Usually, this error occurs when you enter a wrong password. Check your keyboard layout and make sure the CapsLock key is not enabled. Try to enter a password again or try to recover your password.

If it doesn't work, make sure that there are no typos in your login.

"We cannot find this user" error

This error may occur if you've already logged in to your Bitrix24 Network profile that is not connected with the selected Bitrix24 account.

Make sure that you are using the correct login information - it can be another email, mobile phone, or social network. If necessary, you can add this user to the account by sending an invitation.

Read this article to learn how to solve this problem: Invite new users to Bitrix24.

"Failed to find user with this email" error

The error occurs if this email is not registered in Bitrix24. Check the specified login. It is possible that it is another email, mobile phone or social network.

"User may have been dismissed" error

The error occurs when this user was dismissed and he/she is trying to log in to. After an employee is fired, access to Bitrix24 is denied to him/her. Check whether the user is logging in to the correct account.

I cannot log in using social networks

You've always logged in using a social network account but now you can't? Probably you have connected one social network account to several Bitrix24 Network profile accounts.
Read more information in the article: Cannot log in using social networks.

I've logged in using a social network account. How can I make a regular login and password to log in to Bitrix24?

When registering using social services, you authorize in Bitrix24 using the data from these social networks. You can connect your email to your account and log in using your username and password.

Read more information in the article: Set up login and password when using social login.

"A user with this email already exists" error message when trying to change your login in Bitrix24 Network profile

This error occurs if you are trying to connect an email account that is already registered in Bitrix24. In this case you can use another email or unlink the desired email from the account. To do this, go to the Bitrix24 Network profile by email you want to unlink and click Change in the email field. Specify a new email address and confirm it. You will be able to connect it to the account.

Read more in the article: Change Bitrix24 login or password.

"Invalid checkword" error

If this error occurs when you change your password, it may be due to several reasons:

  • You have sent several password recovery requests and followed an outdated checkbox. To successfully change your password, follow the link from the last email and set a new password for your account.

  • The recovery link is valid for 60 minutes. Make sure it has not expired.

  • There is already an active authorization in your browser for Bitrix24 Network profile, for which you do not need to restore the password. Use "Incognito" mode in your browser.

"A user with email address already exists" error message when inviting a new user

This error message means that there is a user with this email address specified as a Bitrix24 Network profile login or as a contact email address in his Bitrix24 profile or both. In this case, there is no way to invite a new user with this email. You need to either change email addresses of the existing user or invite a new user using the other email address.

I made a mistake in the email address when registering a new user and now this user cannot log in

You can dismiss the user with a mistake in the email address and invite or register this user again.

Read more in the article: Dismiss users.

Invitations/password recovery emails are not delivered

First of all, check the spam folder. Also, try to send the invitation again.

If you use your own mail domain, whitelist email address.

Read more in the article: Invite new users to Bitrix24.

I was invited to the account, but I can't log in. What should I do?

Before logging in to the account, you need to register a login and set a password.

Read more in the article: Log in to Bitrix24 account by invitation.

I've lost my phone and cannot log in as I don't have a one time password

If you have recovery codes, you can use one of them instead of the one time password.

If you don't, contact your administrator to disable two-step authentication.

Read more in the article: Update two-step authentication on a new mobile phone.

Change the user email address for the dismissed user's email address

First of all, you need to change the contact email address of the dismissed user.

Then the dismissed employee needs to log in to his/her Bitrix24 Network profile and change the login. You can read how to do that in the article: Change Bitrix24 login or password.

If the administrator has access to this account or email, he/she can do that himself/herself.

After that, you can invite/register a new user with this email address.

Delete Bitrix24 account

You cannot delete Bitrix24 account as long as there is a Bitrix24 connection. As soon as your account is not linked to any Bitrix24, the deletion option will appear in the account menu.

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