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Zoom integration in Bitrix24

Integrate Zoom with Bitrix24 to communicate with your team members and clients. Zoom meetings are available in Bitrix24 chat and CRM.

Check if Zoom integration is available on your plan.
Bitrix24 pricing page

The number of participants and duration of a Zoom meeting vary based on the Zoom subscription plan of the meeting host. Every employee needs to connect their own Zoom account.
Zoom pricing page

In this article:

Schedule Zoom meetings in CRM

Use Zoom meetings in CRM to communicate with your clients and team members. Open a CRM entity form, click More (1) in the timeline menu, and select Zoom (2).

Click the Connect button (3) next to Zoom. In the pop-up window, enter your Zoom account credentials and click Sign in (4).

After that, you can schedule a Zoom meeting in a CRM entity form.

Zoom meetings are automatically added to the calendar of the meeting host.

Also, scheduled Zoom meetings will appear in the list of your activities in CRM.

Once a meeting is scheduled, you can do the following:

  • Copy a link to the meeting using the Copy invitation option.

  • Start the meeting using the Start meeting button.

After the meeting ends, a corresponding event will appear in the CRM entity form timeline.

If a meeting has been recorded in Zoom, you will see links to the audio and video recordings in the event details.

Play and download recordings of Zoom meetings

You can play and download the recordings in CRM entity forms. If there have been multiple recording sessions during a meeting, the recordings will be available as separate parts in a single event (part 1, part 2, etc.).

Bitrix24 supports Zoom cloud recordings only. Check if this option is available on your Zoom subscription plan.
Zoom pricing page
  • Video recordings

    For video recordings, Zoom provides password protection. You will need to enter a password to play or download a video recording.

    You can view video recordings of Zoom meetings in CRM entity forms only for 24 hours. After that, playing and downloading them will be available only in the Zoom account.

  • Audio recordings

    The audio recordings are stored on the Company Drive in Bitrix24. Also, you can listen to them in CRM entity forms or your Zoom account.

Create Zoom meetings in Bitrix24 chat

Invite your team members to Zoom conferences in Bitrix24 chat. To do this, open a chat, expand the Video call menu, and select Zoom meeting room.

On the first launch, you will need to log on to your Zoom account. If you've already signed in, this step will be skipped.

A Zoom meeting link will appear in the chat window. Click Join call to launch the Zoom application and start a meeting.

Disconnect the Zoom account

There are two ways to disconnect your Zoom account from Bitrix24.

In Bitrix24 user profile. Open your profile page and click the Passwords button.

Proceed to the Social Platforms tab (1) and click Disconnect (2) next to Zoom.

In the Zoom account. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Zoom account, go to the Zoom App Marketplace, and click Manage in the top right corner.

  2. Open the Added Apps tab in the menu or search for the Bitrix24 Official Integration app.

  3. Click Remove next to the Bitrix24 Official Integration app.

In brief

  • Integrate Zoom with Bitrix24 to communicate with your team members and clients.

  • Create Zoom meetings in Bitrix24 chat or CRM.

  • Play and download Zoom cloud recordings in CRM entity forms.

  • Disconnect your Zoom account in your Bitrix24 user profile or Zoom App Marketplace.

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