Workgroup with dismissed owner

As you know, users cannot be completely deleted from your Bitrix24 account. They can only be dismissed. This is done in purpose - to keep all your data safe. When the workgroup/project creator is dismissed, the workgroup/project is not affected. Further, you may need to either appoint a new owner for this group, move the group to archive or delete it completely.

You need to be an administrator of your Bitrix24 account to manage workgroups/projects with a dismissed owner.

First of all, click your profile picture at the top right corner > My Profile.

Activate the Admin mode by clicking the small arrow next to the Administrator sign > go to the Workgroups section.

How to change the workgroup owner if he/she has been dismissed

Select a workgroup with a dismissed owner > click Actions > Edit Workgroup to change the workgroup owner.

Click Change owner.

Select a new workgroup owner > click Save.

You have successfully assigned a new workgroup owner instead of the dismissed one.

How to delete the workgroup if its owner has been dismissed

Click the Actions button > Delete Workgroup. Remember that this action will delete the workgroup completely and irreversibly.

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