Change the workgroup/project owner

In Bitrix24, you can assign full or partial access to workgroups and projects by choosing a required role for your employees.

Only the user with Workgroup owner or Project manager role has full access to the workgroup/project.

Workgroup moderator or Assistant manager role provides partial control of the workgroup/project.

How to reassign ownership of workgroup/project to another user

If you need to assign an employee to be the workgroup/project owner instead of yourself, just edit the workgroup settings.

Go to the Workgroup and projects section > select the workgroup/project > click the About workgroup/project button.

Select the Edit workgroup/project option in the Actions menu.

Click Edit in the Workgroup/project owner field and select an employee.

The previous workgroup/project owner will get a notification informing them about the changes.

How to take back ownership of workgroup/project

Open your profile page.

Activate the Admin mode by clicking the small arrow next to the Administrator sign.

Note that this option is available to users with administrative rights only. Read more in the article - My Profile.

Then open the workgroup/project and follow the instruction above.

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