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Workgroups and projects access permissions

When creating and editing a workgroup/project, you can set access permissions.

There are 3 levels of privacy that can be selected when creating a workgroup or a project.


  • Public – a workgroup or a project is visible to all employees. All employees can see the information and freely join.

  • Private – a workgroup or a project is visible in the list to all employees, but only members have access. You can join only by request.

  • Secret – a workgroup or a project is not visible to anyone in the list. You can join only by the invitation.

You can create workgroup and project types from combinations of privacy levels:

  • Private visible workgroup/project – employees see a workgroup or a project in the list of active workgroups. The access is given after the permission of the owner or the moderator.

  • Private invisible workgroup/project – employees do not see a workgroup or a project in the list of workgroups. You can become a member only by the invitation.

  • Public visible workgroup/project – a workgroup or a project can be seen by all employees, and any employee can become a member.

  • Visible archived workgroup/project – a workroup or a project is visible to all employees in the list of archived workgroups, but no one can become a member until the workgroup/project becomes active.

  • Invisible archived workgroup/project – employees cannot see archived workgroups in the list, no one can become a member until the workgroup/project is active.

  • External workgroup/project – a workgroup or a project is not visible in the list. You can become a member by the invitation. You can invite external members to the workgroup/project.

    External workgroups/projects are available on all plans. External extranet users are included in the total number of Bitrix24 users, their number depends on the plan.

Each workgroup/project has its own Feed, Photo Gallery, Tasks, Drive Files, Wiki, and other features that are available to all members.

After creating a workgroup/project, you can always change its type and access permissions, as well as its operating tools - for example, make a public group private or external, turn a workgroup into a project or vice versa, add a photo gallery or a chat. Go to the Action menu and choose Edit workgroup/project.


Check the necessary options in the Features section.


Difference between a workgroup and a project

Project is a workgroup that has a specific start and end date. The main difference is tasks deadlines. Tasks cannot be set outside of the project timeline.


When you change a workgroup into a project, the workgroup owner becomes the project manager, and the moderators become the project manager's assistants. The access permissions do not change.

Projects and workgroups have the same features: News, Messages, Photo Gallery, Calendar, Tasks, Drive, Search, Chat, Lists, Wiki, Knowledge Base.

A workgroup can be transferred into a project and vice versa using the menu About workgroup > Actions > Edit group/project > Extended parameters > Features.


Access permissions settings

Detailed settings of access permissions to workgroup/project tools are performed in the About workgroup section > Roles and permissions or in the About workgroup section > Actions Access permissions.



Configure the workgroup/project permissions carefully. For example, the default setting is that all members of the workgroup can see the tasks. You can change the settings at any time.


The Bitrix24 administrator can see and manage all workgroups and projects in the company. You need to enable the administrator mode.

Connected users

Connected users are users who have been added to a workgroup or a project within a division or a department.

The peculiarity of connected users is that they will not be able to leave the group/project. In this case, they can leave the group/project if they leave the department/division.

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