Set up a personalized email campaign

We've added lots of custom parameters to the CRM Marketing campaigns.

These parameters are #PARAMETER# tags that are replaced with the customer data when sending the message.

How it works

Select a campaign template > click the button with three dots next to the message subject field > select the needed parameter. It can be one of the fields belonging to a lead, contact, and company.

The selected parameters will be added to the message subject. Copy and paste them to the message body.

What do you need these tags for?

For example, we need to start an email campaign to let our customers know about the sale. In this example, we will use the salutation and the last name of the customer. Edit the message text and paste the copied parameters from the message subject.

You cannot use the custom fields.

Select the needed segment by clicking the select segment button. The number of emails that are going to be sent is displayed below the segment selection box.

Make sure everything is correct and send the emails. When sending, the parameters are automatically replaced by the data from the forms of the corresponding CRM elements.

Thus, your customers receive personalized emails.

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