Email reads and link clicks tracking in CRM-marketing

When working with email campaigns in CRM-Marketing, you can configure the following options:

  • Track email reads and link clicks – use this option to know how many customers have read your email, as well as who clicked on the links.

Some countries have limitations on email reads and link clicks tracking. Therefore, this option will be disabled by default for such countries.

  • Consent to receive newsletters – use this option to send opt-in emails to your customers. Before you send your first mailing, customers who have not yet opted-in will receive an email asking them to opt-in to the mailings.

To protect users from spam and increase customer loyalty to your brand, we have used a way of obtaining consent to mailings. For some countries, according to local laws, this feature is enabled by default and cannot be disabled.

How to enable Track email reads and link clicks and Consent to receive newsletters options

To enable the options, go to CRM Marketing > More > Settings.

Scroll the page down and turn on the options.

You can also enable Track email reads and Require newsletter consent options for a specific email campaign. To do this, click More in the mailing settings and enable the options.

How email tracking works

After you activate the option, data will begin to be collected. You can find the information in the column Statistics.

Click on Views or Clicks to see detailed campaign statistics.

In the Recipients tab, you can track the status of campaign: who got the email, read it, and clicked on the link.

How consent to receive newsletters works

After you enable the Require newsletter consent option, you will need to select Consent to receive the newsletter from the list. In Bitrix24 you can choose a typical consent text or send an email with your own text.

When you send your first newsletter, customers will receive an email inviting them to opt in. If users agree to receive mailings, a promotional mailing will follow the technical mailing.

The newsletters you send through CRM marketing will be sent only to those customers who have consented to receive them. You can find all consents in the Obtained consents list.

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