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CRM Email Integration


Bitrix24’s CRM Email Integration option manages email correspondence with contacts, companies, deals and leads and can receive and append incoming email to the appropriate CRM record. 

How To Connect

You can configure it from CRM > Settings > Email > Email Integration:

At the Send & Save Integration page configure main parameters: 
  • Fill fields required for connection - external email address, login & password, pop3 server & port.
  • Set how often the system will check for new messages (e.g. every 3 minutes).

  • Configure Incoming Mail Processing - activate Create Lead For Unknown Sender option if you'd like the system to automatically created new leads from unrecognized email addresses. You can also set default responsible person for all new leads created form email here.

  • Configure Outgoing Mail Processing - you can select where & whether to add service code to the email in order for the system to proceed it. 
Cannot connect my mail to Bitrix24 CRM

In case you fail to connect your mailbox to Bitrix24 CRM, please check your mail account security settings & try to allow access for less secure apps.

Saving incoming emails in the CRM

Bitrix24 allows to save emails received by integrated mailbox to the CRM records. This integration is based on Send&Save email integration technology.

After CRM email integration is configured, all emails sent to the integrated email address (e.g. will be forced to Bitrix24 CRM. Here is how these new emails will be processed in Bitrix24:

Emails received from unknown sender

If the sender's address is not recorded in Bitrix24 CRM (does not belong to account users or CRM records) - a new lead will be created automatically (if you have this option configured in CRM Email integration). A new lead name will be automatically taken from the email title.

User who has been configured as default responsible person for new email leads will get a system notification: 

New lead source will be automatically set as Email. The email itself will be attached to the lead & can be found under it's Stream, Activities & History:

All new incoming emails are automatically recorded to the CRM & can be found under Activities section at any time:

Click on it to open. Inside the email activity form you can perform several cations: reply to the message, forward it, mark as spam or delete:

Your replies to this email will be recorded as well, you can always find them on the CRM records page: 

Emails received from CRM clients addresses

If the sender's address is associated with the particular CRM record - this email will be automatically connected to it. For example, if the email has been sent from & you already have a contact in Bitrix24 with this email address - Jessica Wolf, this email will be automatically connected to this contact.

CRM record's responsible user will get a notification about a new incoming email with lead, contact, company or deal reference:

The email can be found at CRM record page Stream, Activities & History:

Open email activity to access such options as reply, forward, mark as spam or delete message:

Both incoming & outgoing emails related to this record will be saved inside record's details page:

You  can always find saved CRM email activities under CRM > Activities & see emails history from CRM > History.
Important: if the email has been sent to the converted lead (to contact, company or deal) email address, the email will be shown in the corresponding contact, company or deal details page only.

Emails received from account users emails

If sender's address is one of your Bitrix24 account users email addresses, then the system will automatically check the email:

1. Email Message Text - if it has any email address associated with CRM records: 

  • if yes (email text contains email address associated with one of your CRM records) - this email will be connected to it. The employee who has forwarded this email will be shown as activity responsible user, even if the CRM record itself has a different responsible person. This will help to identify who of your employees has forwarded this email to the CRM.

  • if not (email text contains email address which is NOT associated with any of your CRM records) - a new LEAD is created. In this case the employee who has forwarded this email to Bitrix24 will automatically become this lead responsible user.

2. Email Message Title -  if email title contains a construction like [LID#1] & email text body contains corresponding CRM record (e.g. lead's) email address - this email will be connected to the identified CRM record. 

When does this option come in handy? For example, you've received an email to your personal mailbox not integrated to the CRM & you'd like to attach this email message to the existing CRM record. To attach email to the existing CRM record, you need to forward the email from your inbox to the CRM integrated email address with record's email address inside email text body & a construction in an email title:
  • [LID#123] - for leads, where number is a lead ID.
  • [CID#123] - for contacts, where number is a contact ID.
  • [COID#123] - for companies, where number is a company ID.
  • [DID#123] - for deals, where number is a deal ID. 
Record ID can be easily found when you open it's details page inside the url. For example, corresponds to the contact with ID=272.

Email check

Your personal mailbox CRM integration will be updated for new emails every 10 minutes in case you're have your Bitrix24 account online (logged in & opened in a browser window). When you go to Webmail option from your Bitrix24 account your mailbox is also updates. Otherwise your mailbox will be updated once per day or not updated at all if you're not using your Bitrix24 account for a while. 

As for Company Email Integration for Bitrix24 CRM - it will check for new email updates so as configured in Email Integration Settings (once per 2\5\10 minutes or 1\3\12 hours). Please note that new email check timing "every 2 or 5 minutes" is available for Bitrix24 Professional plan subscribers only.

Please note: current email attachment size limitation is 25 Mb, which means you won't be bale to send or receive emails in Bitrix24 CRM - whose attachments total size exceeds 25 Mb.
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