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CRM Email Integration


Bitrix24’s CRM manages email correspondence with contacts, companies and leads and can receive and append incoming email to the appropriate CRM object or record. Please see our Training Course for more information.

Cannot connect Gmail to Bitrix24 CRM error

Check your Google account security settings - allow access for less secure apps.

Saving incoming emails in the CRM

Bitrix24 also allows receiving and saving of incoming emails – using our Send&Save email integration technology. After CRM email integration is configured, all emails sent to the integrated email address (e.g. will be forced to Bitrix24 CRM. Here is how these emails will be processed in Bitrix24:

1. If the sender's address is associated to the particular CRM record in Bitrix24: this email will be connected to this CRM record.
For example, if the email has been sent from & you already have a contact in Bitrix24 with this email address - Jessica Wolf, this email will be connected to this contact

The associated CRM record's responsible user will get an instant messenger notification about a new incoming email

Each user will be able to see saved incoming emails related to CRM records which they are responsible for under CRM > My Activities:

All emails saved this way will be displayed under CRM > Events. Remember that filters can be used to limit the list of events - e.g. to show only events type equal to incoming emails.

The connected email log & details will be available inside CRM record's details page: Activity Stream, Activities & History:

The time & date when this email has been received will be recorded as activity deadline.

Both CRM record's own Activity Stream & main CRM Activity Stream will show the incoming email information:

Important: if the email has been sent to the converted lead (to contact or company) email address, the email will be shown in the contact or company details page only.

2. If the sender's address is one of your Bitrix24 intranet users email addresses:

- the system is checking email message text - if it has email address associated with any CRM records in Bitrix24:

a) if the email text has email address associated with one of your Bitrix24 CRM records, this email will be connected to it.

The employee who has forwarded this email will be shown as this activity responsible user, even if the CRM record itself has a different responsible user. This will help to identify who of your employees has forwarded this email to Bitrix24 CRM

b) if the email text has email address which is NOT associated with any of your Bitrix24 CRM records - a new LEAD is created. In this case the employee who has forwarded this email to Bitrix24 will automatically become this new lead's responsible user.

In order to notify the users that this lead has been automatically created from the forwarded email - the lead source will be marked with a special description:

Please note that this option should be configured in CRM > Settings > Email Integration.

c) if the email title contains a construction like [LID#1] (CRM record ID - please see our Training Course for details) - this email will be connected to the identified CRM record. In this case the presence \ absence of email address in the message text won't matter. For contact please use construction type - [CID#123], and for deals - [DID#123].

3. If the sender's address is not recorded in Bitrix24 CRM (does not belong to users or CRM records) - a new lead will be automatically created for the unknown sender (if you have this option configured in CRM >Settings > Email integration). A new lead name will be automatically taken from the email title.

Note: current email attachment size limitation is 25 Mb, which means you won't be bale to send or receive emails in Bitrix24 CRM - whose attachments total size exceeds 25 Mb. 

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