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Bitrix24 Mail: FAQ

You can find the answers to the most popular questions about Bitrix24 Mail In this article.

General questions

How to check whether an email was read or not

There is a special Read mark next to an email activity in the timeline.

What servers are used to send emails from Bitrix24

There are three main types of email messages that are sent through separate Bitrix24 server groups:

  1. Account registration and password reset emails
  2. Email campaigns
  3. Invitation and other emails

If you use Bitrix24 Cloud account, you can configure SMTP server when connecting mailbox. In this case, the messages will be sent through the servers of the specified SMTP service.

How to view employees' email conversations with clients

Being an account administrator, you can view an employee's email conversations with clients if the employee grant access to his/her mailbox to you.

Also, you can see the message history in the timeline of the CRM entity forms to which you have access.

How to grant access to my mailbox to other users

You can grant access to your mailbox to other employees in the mailbox settings. This will allow them to read, send and delete emails, but they won't have access to configure your mailbox settings.

Mailbox integration

How to add an image to the email signature

Click the image icon in the menu panel.

When adding an image to the signature, you should use a direct public link as the image source. To get such a link, you should upload your image to a public hosting service available on the internet. Bitrix24 Drive and other cloud storages do not provide an option to create such a link.

Insert a link, specify the file name and dimensions. The link to the image must be available outside Bitrix24. Save changes.

How often Bitrix24 checks for new mail

These rules apply to all Bitrix24 plans:

  • The mail is checked every 10 minutes if the mailbox owner is online.
  • The mail is checked every 10 minutes if the Route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers option is enabled and any user has logged into the account.
  • Your mail is checked once a day if any user has logged into the account and the Route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers option is disabled.
  • The mail is checked immediately when you open the Webmail section.
  • If none of the account users are online, the mail is not checked.

Mailbox synchronization is based on user activity in the Bitrix24 account. That means that the mail is checked when a user is online and actively works in Bitrix24: reloads pages, opens different sections, performs operations in Bitrix24 desktop or mobile app, etc.

Having a collapsed tab with a Bitrix24 account in a browser is not counted as a user activity.

Also, you can check your mail by clicking the Sync button.

New mailboxes with a free domain

You cannot create and integrate free domains inside Bitrix24 anymore. The mailboxes with a free domain and mailboxes that are already integrated continue to work.

Free domains for commercial plans subscribers will continue to work and will automatically renew each year.

The extension is not available for free plan subscribers. To renew, you can purchase a commercial plan or re-register the domain in your name with a domain registrar and renew it by yourself.

Send a request to our technical support.

Manage mailboxes connected via Yandex.Mail

After re-registering domain, you can create new mailboxes yourself and integrate them via IMAP.

I Cannot configure my SMTP server for the mail addresses connected via Gmail, Outlook, Office 365 etc.

Pre-installed email service providers do not allow to use any third-party servers to send emails. You can use their servers only.

Some of them require that you enter password to send emails from their servers whereas for others it is enough to activate Send using external SMTP option.

To set up your incoming and outgoing mail servers, you can connect a mailbox via IMAP.

Mailbox integration

How many mailboxes can be connected

The number of mailboxes per employee that an employee can connect depends on Bitrix24 plan. Mailboxes to which an employee was given access by another user are not counted.

Bitrix24 Mail limitations

How to connect a personal mailbox with Bitrix24

You can connect your mailbox with Bitrix24 account in Webmail section. All the emails will be stored on the end of your mailbox service provider. Email copies and their attachments will appear in Bitrix24.

How to use a custom domain for Bitrix24 mailbox

There is no option to create a custom domain for a mailbox right in Bitrix24. You can use one of the services that provide an option to get custom mail domain names. For example, GSuite by Google, Yahoo! Small Business, Zoho Mail, Outlook in Office365, etc. After creating a mailbox with your own domain, you can connect it with Bitrix24 via IMAP.

Mailbox integration

How to disconnect a mailbox

To disconnect your mailbox, you need to:

  1. go to Webmail section
  2. select the mailbox
  3. click the settings button
  4. click the Disable button at the bottom of the Manage Mailbox page

Can I connect an Exchange mailbox with the help of ActiveSync or via Exchange Web Services (EWS)?

In Bitrix24 you can connect your Exchange email address via IMAP. There are no options to connect it with the help of ActiveSync or via Exchange Web Services (EWS).

How can I add my own DKIM and SPF records?

You cannot add custom DKIM and SPF records for outbound email messages in Bitrix24.

However, you can register your own domain, configure your webmail server, add custom SPF and DKIM records, configure DMARC record check, and configure sending messages via SMTP in Bitrix24.

Is POP3 supported?

No. You can connect your mailbox using IMAP.

CRM integration

How to connect mailbox with CRM

Go to Webmail section - Mailbox settings page and activate Link to CRM option.

All the messages will get to CRM, and you will find the message history in the corresponding CRM entity form.

Mailbox integration

How to configure lead and contact automatic creation from emails

You need to configure CRM integration in your mailbox settings for this purpose.

Mailbox integration

What does "Email does not match CRM rules" error message mean

This error may occur due to several reasons:
  1. You are trying to save an email message from an employee to the CRM manually.

  2. Emails are saved to CRM automatically, and one of the following conditions is met:
  • the email message is too old. This can happen if "Fetch messages for" option is set for a longer period than "Link to CRM > Process messages for" option;
  • the email message is marked as spam or is in the trash;
  • this message is an email notification from your Bitrix24 Account;
  • this message was sent by your Bitrix24 Account user;
  • the sender's email address is added to exceptions list.

Emails are considered from an employee if:

  • the sender's email address is specified as contact email in an employee profile.
  • the sender's email address is connected with Bitrix24 in Webmail section.

Can I select what CRM entity to create when saving an email manually to CRM?

Such an option is not available for the time being.

Repeat leads are created for the existing contacts

If you want new emails to be linked to the corresponding CRM elements without creating new leads, just activate Route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers option in Mailbox settings.

In this case, even if the responsible manager is not added to the lead and contact distribution queue, new messages from already existing contacts are added to the Activities section of the corresponding contacts.

Mailbox troubleshooting

What to do if a verification code does not arrive when configuring SMTP server

Please follow the recommendations from this article if you don't receive a verification code.

If it does not help, please contact our support team and provide your mailbox address as well as exact date and time of sending a code.

Sending messages takes too much time

Due to the high load of the sending channels there may be delays of up to 40 minutes.

If for some reasons you are not satisfied with the time it takes to send a message via Bitrix24.Mail server, you can send emails via SMTP server.

What does "Email message canceled" error message mean?

When creating a new email, you may get such a warning if:

  • you exceed the daily or monthly limit specified in the Marketing section - Settings.
  • size of attachments is more than 14,3 Mb.
  • email recipient doesn’t exist or is invalid.

Why my email message is not delivered? Why I don't see an email message from my client in Inbox?

If your message is not delivered or you don't see an incoming email message in your Inbox, the reason may be that this message has an attachment that is too big. An attachment should not exceed 14.3Mb. Otherwise, your message will not be delivered or you won't see an incoming message in your Inbox.

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