Mailbox integration

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Although there are messengers and social networks, email is still a popular way to communicate with clients, partners and colleagues.

Bitrix24.Mail is connected with CRM, Tasks and Calendar.

Process mail, create leads in one click and create tasks by connecting your email address with Bitrix24!

How it works

Click Webmail button to connect your email address with Bitrix24.

If you cannot find your email service provider in the list, connect your email address via IMAP.

You'll need to specify IMAP server address and port when configuring IMAP connection. You can find these settings here:

When connecting the email address via IMAP, make sure that your SSL certificate is valid. Self-signed certificate is not applicable. The presence of a certificate is determined automatically.

For example, let's connect Gmail address.

Click Authentication and sign in to your Google account.

Grant Bitrix24 needed access permissions by clicking Allow.

The number of connected mailboxes per employee depends on Bitrix24 plan.

Mailbox settings

Now when the mailbox is connected, you need to configure mailbox.

Specify the time period that the system will fetch messages for - a week, a month, two or three months.

You can specify mailbox name and sender name by clicking Edit more parameters.

Bitrix24 supports sending emails via SMTP server. Just specify SMTP server address and port, login and password.

Read more about sending emails via SMTP server in the article - Use SMTP server to send emails.

CRM Integration

Activate Link to CRM option and all the messages will get to CRM.

By default, Bitrix24 automatically creates a new lead for each new incoming message and creates a new contact for each new outgoing message.

Also, you can specify the time period that Bitrix24 will process messages for.

You can specify email addresses that Bitrix24 will create a new lead for each new incoming message for.

Lead and contact distribution queue - specify employees that will work with new leads and contacts in CRM. New leads and contacts are distributed evenly, exactly as users are enqueued and it doesn't matter if the user is online or not.

Mailbox access

Specify employees that will be able to process messages in this mailbox.

By default, only the user that has connected the mailbox will be able to access messages in it.

Done! Mailbox is configured and is ready for use.

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