Bitrix24.Mail updates

We are pleased to introduce updates to Bitrix24.Mail. The changes have affected both the interface, counters operation and work with the Bitrix24 mail clients.

New interface

Now your mailbox folders are displayed on the left.

Also, you can connect another mailbox and switch between accounts through the menu.

Unread emails are highlighted not only in bold, but also in color. The counter shows you the number of unread mails. When a new message comes, a notification appear in the right upper corner.

When you select a folder from the left menu, the filter updates automatically.

Working with mail

Now you can open an email in 3 ways: click the sender, click the subject line, and double-click the email.

You can select an email in the list with a single click or with a checkbox.

All emails are highlighted at once, regardless of whether they are hidden or shown on the screen. Previously, you had to select the emails to be downloaded.


We redesigned counters, viewing emails, and moving emails to another folder. Now these actions happen instantly.

If you have several mail accounts connected, a red counter will appear above the current mailbox to indicate that there are unread messages in other mailboxes, so you won't miss important messages when working with several mailboxes.

Each mailbox folder counts and displays its unread mail separately.

We continue to work on improvements and additional functionality of Bitrix24.Mail. Stay tuned.

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