Closed won deals business process

In this business process sample we would consider different automated actions that will be launched based on the deal stage change.

As an example we will take the following scenario: new workgroup will be automatically created for the closed won deal (with several limitations, in our sample = deal custom filed value) & emails will be sent to the chosen users (e.g. Sales Head) for the closed lost deals.

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The business process template will look like this:

Here is a step by step guide on how to construct this business process:

1. Go to CRM>Settings>Business processes>Deals-add template. In the template parameters window set the template name, description & set autorun option - e.g. we set both "when added" & "when changed".

2. Now we need to add the condition for deals. It will filter all deals for those which have been closed either lost or won. For that drag & drop condition construction to the arrow triangle following the start tab:

3. Use the settings grid to change the condition name & set complex condition branch parameters: the condition should filter all deals for those closed won - choose stage with condition value = equal closed won:

4. For the second complex condition branch set parameters as deals closed lost:

5. Now we will divide closed won deals into two groups in order to construct different types of actions for them: for that we did created special custom field in CRM>Settings>Custom fields>Deals, the field is called "what we sell" (with services, products or other values). First, drag & drop condition construction under "closed won" deals. We have renamed complex condition branches of this condition into "for services" & "not for services".

6. Open "for services" condition branch parameters: in the document field choose your custom field name ("what we sell" in our sample) & set value equal to services:

7. Open " not for services" condition branch parameters: in the document field choose your custom field name ("what we sell" in our sample) & set value not equal to services:

8. When our closed won deals type sorting is in place, we can add actions for those deals. Let's set the process to automatically create new workgroup for service types of deals closed won: drag & drop "create new workgroup action" under the closed won "for services" deals:

In the new workgroup action parameters, set group name (e.g. you can add deal name to the workgroup name - use ... grid for that), choose group owner (e.g. deal responsible manager) & members:

9. Let's suppose that your Sales Team Head or any other users would like to receive notifications about all closed won deals. You can add this action as well, drag & drop "user notification" action (see full template screenshot above):

Open the user notification action parameters to set users who will get these notifications, sender (you can set particular employee or deal responsible user), notification text and type. Notification text window allows to add deal details to the message that will be send via notification - such as deal name, opportunity, currency, etc.:

10. After the closed won deals are done, we can return to the deals closed lost (upper condition). Let's add the action that will send an email to particular users. This email will notify that the deal has been closed lost & will contain deal's details & direct link. For that drag & drop "email message" action under the "closed lost" condition branch:

Open the "email message" action parameters and set email title, sender (particular employee or user responsible for the deal), recipient, email subject (e.g. you can add deal name or other details to the subject), email message text (e.g. deal name, opportunity, currency, etc.) & save settings:

11. If you would like to add direct link to the deal to the email message text, you can do it the following way:

First you need to create a new variable, for that open the business process template parameters:

In the variables page, click to add a new one and set variable name (e.g. deal url), choose type equal to string, and add link to the default value - link should be in the following format:

Save variable & open email message action parameters again, in the message text click ... tab & add your "url" variable, right next to it add deal ID & "/" at the end. The expression should look like this:

Now you can save the process template.

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