Bitrix24 BI Connector limits

There are some plan limits for the BI Connector work:

  • Basic – 10 000 lines.

  • Standard – 10 000 lines.

  • Professional – 100 000 lines.

  • Enterprise 250/500/1000 – 250 000, 500 000, 1 000 000 lines.

How it works

When you upload data from Bitrix24 to analytics systems, you go to the BI Connector and form a query for a specific entity.

As a result of such a query you send data that consists of lines containing all the information on the requested entity and their number depends on the time interval set in the analytical system.

For example, if you are on the Basic plan, you create a report on deals and you know that you had more than 10,000 deals in the past year. In this case, you can reduce the time period of the report in order not to exceed the limit.
Read more about how to change the time period of the report in Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power Bi in the articles: Manage calendar and embed report pages from Google Data Studio and Connect Microsoft Power BI.

How limits work

  • If you exceed the limit for any BI entity once, you will be offered to move to the highest plan. In this case, the number of uploaded lines will not be limited. The start date of "exceeding" the limit is fixed. There can be only one such a period.

  • If you repeatedly exceed the limit, the data uploads through the BI connector will stop after a while. The offer to switch to the highest plan will appear.

  • If there were no repeated attempts to exceed the limit, the warning will disappear.
The number of lines to be uploaded is measured for each BI entity separately. The measurement takes place at the moment of giving the requested data to the BI report. One request to the BI connector is one measurement. We save the maximum number of line requested for each BI entity.
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