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Bitrix24.BI Analytics

Bitrix24.BI-Analytics is a new tool for detailed analysis of data accumulated in Bitrix24. With the help of it, you can connect Google Data Studio or Microsoft Power BI and create reports of any complexity to track the necessary indicators.

BI-Analytics is not available to users of Free and Archived plans.

All data for the selected time interval is uploaded to the BI system. But the maximum number of lines, after which the warning about switching to a higher plan will start to be displayed, is as follows:

  • Basic – 10 000
  • Standard – 10 000
  • Professional – 100 000
How to reduce the number of unloaded rows

To reduce the number of rows to be uploaded, you can select a smaller interval in the report, for example, data for the last 3 months.

To do this, specify the required dates in Google Data Studio before you add the report to Bitrix24.

In the Microsoft Power BI desktop application, you need to open the Transform data tab.

Then right-click on bx24_load_entity and select Advanced Editor.

In the opened window, you can change the reporting period.

How to connect analytical systems

Read more about Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI in the articles:

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