Telephony & CRM integration

After connecting a phone number in Telephony, you can configure its integration with CRM. It allows you to see the client's details right in the call form and save the information about each call to the linked CRM entity.

How it works

When the call is performed, the system searches for this phone number in the CRM database. It works both for incoming and outgoing calls. In case you’ve specified this number in the client’s details (Phone field), the call will be bound to the found CRM record. You will see the linked CRM entity's details in the call window (contact name, responsible person, current activities). During the call, you can create a new Deal or Invoice that will be opened in a separate browser tab.

After the call is completed, you will see its recording in the CRM entity’s timeline. The fact of the call will also be recorded under the History tab.

Refer to this article to know more about the call recordings.

In addition, there is an option to send inbound call to a responsible person specified in the CRM if a contact is identified as known. You can enable it in the Inbound call routing section of the number settings.

Here you can also specify what to do if the responsible person doesn't answer the call. See the available options below:

  • Forward to queue group

    Use this option to direct the call to the queue group you selected below.

    A queue group consists of employees who will answer the inbound phone calls. In the settings, specify the call distribution method, and the ring count to wait until redirecting a call to the next user in the queue.

    Read more in the article - Queue groups.
  • Forward to mobile

    In this case, a call will be forwarded to the employee's mobile phone number.

    Don't forget to specify the employee's mobile number on his/her profile page. The number must be specified in international format, including the country code, city code, and the number itself. It doesn’t matter if the number has any of +, ( ), - symbols, or blank spaces between digits, the system recognizes the number anyway; only digits order is important.
  • Leave voicemail message

    The caller can leave a voicemail message if the Record calls option is enabled. The call recording will be saved to the CRM entity form.

If you decide not to send inbound call to a responsible person specified in the CRM if a contact is identified as known, the call will be sent directly to the selected queue group.

Configure CRM integration

Go to CRM > Add-ons > Telephony > Connection > Configure numbers > select a number/PBX. Then select the CRM integration tab.

Here are some specific options to configure:

  • If the number is not found in the CRM

    You can make the system automatically create new leads in this case, or offer the user to create a new CRM record in the call window.

    More on lead creation modes

    Suppose you choose an option to offer to create a new record in the call window.

    When a call comes in, you can add a new Lead or Contact that will be opened in a separate browser tab. The Phone field is auto-completed, and you can fill in additional details during the call.

    Or you may decide to create a new lead automatically. In this case, you also need to specify whether you want to create a new lead for inbound, outbound, or any calls. Aside from that, indicate the new lead source.

    Click here to learn more about adding custom sources in CRM.

    A lead created that way will have a name *the potential client's phone number* – Incoming call.

    A lead won't be created if a call comes from a Bitrix24 user's number.
  • Edit CRM Exceptions

    Add phone numbers to the list of exceptions, and they won't be saved to CRM.

    Read more in the article - Exceptions.
  • Automatically change Bitrix24 user responsible for the lead when manually forwarding a call

    When the call is forwarded to another user, this user is automatically assigned as this lead's responsible user.

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