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Documents auto numbering

Every document in Bitrix24 has its unique number. But some official documents have strict numbering rules. Also, there may be some specific documents numbering standards in your company.

Configure the document auto numbering the way you need it!

This option is available to Start+, CRM+, Standard and Professional plans subscribers only.

How it works

You can find this option in the documents templates list. Click Edit to configure documents auto numbering templates.

Click Create in Use auto numbering template section.

Configure the new auto numbering template. First of all, enter the name of the auto numbering template.

Determine the number format. It can contain any symbols and special parameters:

Sequential numbers

Numbering is done sequentially: 1, 2, 3, etc. You can specify the start number and the increment number. By default, both of them are 1.

Automatic numbering template activity period determines how long documents numbers will increment. After the expiration of that period, the numbering starts all over again.

By default, the beginning of the day is determined by the server, so you also need to specify your time zone.

If you have several companies in your Bitrix24, every company will have its own documents numbering. But you can use continuous numbering across all of your companies. Just activate the corresponding option.

Current day, month, year

These options add the current date to the document number.

Random number

This option adds the random number to the document number. Specify the random number length in the corresponding section.


This option adds any combination of symbols to the document number.

You can combine these parameters and create auto numbering templates according to the needs of your company.

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