Document templates

When creating a document in CRM, you can select a default template or add a new template.

Check if this tool is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

Select the Add new template option to access the list of available templates.

The list contains brief information about each template.

Template settings

To edit template settings, select this option in the menu.

First of all, specify the name of the template and define whether it is active or not. Add information about signatures and stamp.

Next, select the item list and define CRM sections the template is bound to.

Then select template users. For example, this template can be used by Sales Department only.

Don't forget to add yourself to the list of template users if you want to have access to it.

Choose the country this template is bound to.

The last step is choosing auto numbering template. Auto numbering is a rule that automatically numbers documents in Bitrix24 CRM.

Install additional document templates

You can install additional document templates. Open the templates list, click the cogwheel button, select the Load templates from library option and select the country.

There is a big variety of documents templates for different countries.

Edit and create templates

The templates are saved as docx files, so you can easily download and edit them.

Download a template.

Open the downloaded docx file.

Edit this file as you wish. For example, let's delete the table at the top and replace it with your company name.

Upload the edited template to Bitrix24 and configure the template settings.

Symbolic codes

Templates include different symbolic codes that are used instead of different data.

Open the list of templates, click the cogwheel button and select Fields.

All the symbolic codes and their meanings are listed there.

How to add company stamp, signatures or logo to the document template?

Most of the official documents require company stamp or signature.

You can add any of those to the document template.

How does it work in LibreOffice

We recommend to use LibreOffice free office suite for the correct work of documents templates.

Let's add a place for a stamp to the document template.

Paste any image to the document template, set its size and position.

Bitrix24 will replace this image with your company stamp.

Right-click this image and click Properties.

Click Options and paste {MyCompanyUfStamp} into Name field.

Done! Now just upload this document template to Bitrix24.

You can add your company logo to the document template the same way. Just paste {MyCompanyUfLogo} to the image properties the way it was shown earlier.

How does it work in Microsoft Word

Paste any image to the document template, set its size and position. Right-click this image > Format picture > Alt Text > paste {MyCompanyUfStamp} to the Title field to add company stamp or {MyCompanyUfLogo} to add company logo.

How does it work in Google Docs

Paste any image to the document template, set its size and position. Right-click this image > click Alt Text > paste {MyCompanyUfStamp} to the Description field to add company stamp or {MyCompanyUfLogo} to add company logo.

How to add contacts, products or taxes list to the document template?

If you need to add a products list to the document template, there are two ways to do that.

The first option is to add a simple products list.

In this case, you need to specify the beginning and the end of the block using {PRODUCTS.BLOCK_START} and {PRODUCTS.BLOCK_END} parameters.

Let's add the general information about products (name, quantity and price) to this block:

Bitrix24 will automatically use this block for all products from the list.

Taxes and contacts can be added in the same way.

Use {TAXES.BLOCK_START} and {TAXES.BLOCK_END} to specify the beginning and the end of the taxes block.

Use {CONTACTS.BLOCK_START} and {CONTACTS.BLOCK_END} to specify the beginning and the end of the contacts block.

The second option is to add a table with a products list.

Bitrix24 will automatically add all products from the list to the table.

Why is some fields' font is different from the document template's font?

You can use html formatting when adding some fields' values in Bitrix24, for example, product description.

In this case, the product description's font may be different from the template's font. The reason is that Bitrix24 uses the default style of a template for html-formatted text.

To display such text correctly, you need to edit these default styles.

How to do that in Microsoft Word?

In the Styles section, right-click Normal > click Modify:

Select the correct font, style and size in the Formatting section:

How to do that in LibreOffice?

In the styles list, select Text Body > Edit Style:

In the Font tab, select the correct font, style and size:

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