Rules for product fields in CRM documents

We have added fields from product variants to CRM documents.

Type of products

Product items have no direct connection to the product catalog. These are items that you can add, for example, in a deal or an invoice form without creating a product.

Product is an item in the product catalog that has no variants.

Product offer is a variation of a product, for example, a dress of a certain color or size.

In some cases, the result depends on the type of product which is added to the CRM entity.

The meaning of some fields in documents

  • {ProductsProductName} - this field displays the name of any product selected in the entity form.
  • {ProductsProductTitle} - this field displays the name of a product or a product variant.

How to set a name for product variants

Open the product form and click on the gear icon in the variant block.

Check the Name box.

Click on the name to change it.

  • {ProductsProductTitleFull} - in the case of a product, the same thing is displayed as in {ProductsProductTitle}, but if a variant is selected, its characteristics will be shown in brackets.
  • {ProductsProductDescription} - a detailed description of a product variant. If a product is selected or the variant description is not filled in, the product description will be added to the document.

Variant description

This is the text that is specified in the Detailed description field.

  • {ProductsProductSection} - this field displays the name of the main product section or a variant.

Product section

This is the folder in which the product is located.
  • {ProductsProductProductId} - product ID.

What is product ID

This is a unique product number. It allows you to exchange information about the product with external services.
  • {ProductsProductQuantity} - the number of items.

What is product quantity

This is the amount of product that you have specified in this CRM element.
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