Custom fields in document templates

In Bitrix24, you can use custom fields in document templates.

All you need to do is to use a special parameter that is created by the system for each field.

Read more information in the article: Document templates.

As an example, let's add Delivery address custom field to the template.

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Now let's find out what a special parameter does this field use. Click the Document button in the entity form and select Add new template in the menu.

Click the cogwheel button and select Fields.

On this page, you can see the list of all the available parameters. Enter the name of the created custom field to the search bar.

Copy the symbolic code and paste it into the template. Save changes, upload the new template and create a document using this template.

How custom fields are displayed in a document template

All custom fields can be added to a document template, excepting Book a Resource and Yes/No.
  • Address on Google Maps is displayed as a row with the address and coordinates.

  • A list of fields is created for Bind to User custom field.

  • The File custom field can be used the same way as logos, stamps or signatures.

  • Read about adding images to a document template in the article: Document templates.
  • The Money custom field is displayed depending on how the currency is set in your Bitrix24.

  • For the Bind To CRM Elements field, the list of fields is created, depending on the specified CRM element.

    For the correct work, you need to select only one CRM element to bind to. Otherwise, Bitrix24 will not create the parameters for the custom field.

  • If the field is linked, for example, to deals, the parameters for deal custom fields are not created.

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