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Use SMTP server to send emails

Any user can send emails using the SMTP server. There are two ways to do that.

Configure SMTP server when connecting mailbox

You can configure SMTP server settings when connecting your mailbox with Bitrix24.

Configure SMTP server when sending email from CRM

Any employee can configure sending emails via SMTP server when sending email from CRM.

Click Add sender in the From: field.

Click Provide SMTP server details.

Fill in the fields.

Make sure to specify the correct SMTP server data. Otherwise, email messages won't be delivered.

If you use Bitrix24 Cloud version, to send emails via SMTP, the server needs to support SSL. The SSL certificate needs to be valid. Self-signed certificates are not applicable.

SMTP server settings

The Add sender option is available in all CRM elements as well as in automation rules and CRM marketing.

  • After configuring the SMTP server, the messages will be sent through the servers of the specified SMTP service.
  • The SMTP server settings are available to any user.
  • Email limits apply to this option.
  • SMTP servers often have their own limits and restrict mass mailing, or can even block your account if these limits are exceeded.
  • You cannot configure additional senders via your own SMTP server in Bitrix24 On-Premise.
  • We recommend not to use # and ^ symbols in passwords, as it may cause problems with outgoing mail when using some SMTP-services.
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