Limit on outgoing emails

In Bitrix24, there is a limit on the number of outgoing emails per month. The monthly limit on outgoing emails is determined by your Bitrix24 plan. Please refer to the pricing page for details.

Please note that the limit refers to any emails sent from the account - invitations to other users, password recovery emails, or email campaigns.

The limit can be easily exceeded in the case of active CRM Marketing campaigns. If so, even sending service emails will be suspended.

In Bitrix24, there is an inner customizable limit - the percent of the number of emails that can be used for CRM Marketing. Even in the case of active email campaigns, the system limit won’t be exceeded.

How it works

The information about the inner customizable limit is available on the CRM Marketing > Settings page. On this page, you can also see the number of sent emails and assess the current situation.

By default, the inner customizable limit is equal to 90%. However, you can change the limit at any time and even set it equal to 100%.

Here is an example. Suppose your account has a limit on sending 5,000 emails per month. By default, CRM Marketing will be able to send only 4,750 emails. The balance will be a reserve for sending any other emails.

If you are close to exceeding the limit, the system will show a warning when creating an email campaign.

How to increase the daily limit

For example, your daily limit is 1'000 emails.

To increase the daily limit, you need to create a campaign with 1'500 emails. 1'000 emails will be sent, 500 will be added to the queue. The limit will be increased the next day, and these 500 emails will be sent. So, to increase the daily limit, you need to exceed the current limit.

If there are too many spam reports, your daily limit may not increase or may even decrease.
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