You can process mail in Bitrix24 in Webmail section.

Check if this option is available on your plan. You can find all the information about Bitrix24 plans on the pricing page.

If you have a mailbox connected with Bitrix24, you'll get to messages list. Otherwise, you'll be suggested to connect your email address.

Read more about connecting mailbox with Bitrix24 in the article - Mailbox Integration.

Filters and synchronization

You can filter messages by date, folder or even by the status read/unread.

If there are custom folders created in the mailbox, they will be also displayed in Bitrix24.

Also, you can connect another mailbox and switch between accounts through the menu.

If you have several mail accounts connected, a red counter will appear above the current mailbox to indicate that there are unread messages in other mailboxes, so you won't miss important messages when working with several mailboxes.

The synchronization button checks the mailbox.

  • The mail is checked every 10 minutes if the mailbox owner is online.
  • The mail is checked every 10 minutes if the Route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers option is enabled and any user has logged into the account.
  • Your mail is checked once a day if any user has logged into the account and Route emails from existing clients to assigned CRM managers option is disabled.
  • The mail is checked immediately when you open Webmail section.
  • If none of the account users are online, mail is not checked.
  • You can check mail by clicking the Sync button.

How to send email

Click New message.

Add recipient, subject and the message itself and click Send.

How to process mail

Counters at the top of the messages list show the number of not processed and unread messages.

Not processed status means that the message is not linked to task or CRM.

Unread emails are highlighted not only in bold, but also in color. The counter shows you the number of unread mails. When a new message comes, a notification appear in the right upper corner.

Now you can open an email in 3 ways: click the sender, click the subject line, and double-click the email.

Create a task from an email, save the email to CRM or discuss it with colleagues in Feed .

You can also reply, forward or delete the message. Perform actions in the messages list section or through the menu.

You can select an email in the list with a single click or with a checkbox.

Available actions:

  • Open message
  • Mark as read/unread
  • Delete
  • Mark as spam
  • Move to folder
  • Create task
  • Save to CRM/Exclude from CRM

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