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In this article, you'll learn to work with a product catalog in Bitrix24 and to add new products.

Click CRM > Products to view products list.

In Bitrix24, CRM and Online Store use the same product catalog. Read more in the article - Add products to the commercial catalog.

How it works

Product catalog consists of sections. You can add as many sections as you need and add products to them. It's convenient to manage such a product list, especially if you have a big variety of different products.

Product list contains main information about products - name, price, unit of measurement, VAT rate and description.

There is a filter section above the product list. This filter helps to search products, for example, by name.

You can add more fields to filter by clicking + button.

There is a Sections block on the right. Use it to switch between sections in one click.

You can import or export products by clicking the cogwheel button and selecting the corresponding option.

Read more in articles - Product import and Export CRM data.

How to add a new product

For example, we have a company that sells chocolate and coffee. First, let's create a new section White chocolate in Chocolate section.

Open Chocolate section > click Add section > specify its name and click Add.

Then we need to open this new section and click Add product.

Only users with User can edit settings option activated can add products. Read more in the article - Access to product catalog.

By default, a new product form contains lots of fields. We'll need only basic fields in this example, so let's hide other fields by clicking x button.

Specify product name and price. Then upload images.

Done! Click Save and the product will be added to the catalog.

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