Connect your online store to the Sales Intelligence

You can connect your online store (even if it's not a Bitrix24 Online Store) to the Sales Intelligence. After configuring the connection, clients' orders made in the online store will be displayed in the Client Path field and in Bitrix24 reports.

How it works

There are two ways to process online store orders in Bitrix24:

  • Manual - add the information about orders to Bitrix24 deals manually.

  • Automatic - the information about orders is added to Bitrix24 deals automatically using REST API.
To guarantee the correct work, deals need to have an Order ID field.

First, you need to connect your online store to Bitrix24 in the Own site section.

Read more in the article - Swap email addresses or phone numbers on the website.

Click Sales Intelligence > My web store's orders.

Select a deal field containing the order ID.

Then you need to add a special code to the order creation or payment confirmation page.

<script>(window.b24order=window.b24order||[]).push({id: "ORDER_ID", sum: "ORDER_TOTAL"});</script>

ORDER_ID and ORDER_TOTAL parameters need to be replaced by dynamic parameters containing the information about the order ID and order total.

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