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Synchronize Bitrix24 calendar with Google Calendar

Synchronize your Google calendar with your Bitrix24. All your events will be in one calendar.

Connect the Google calendar

Open the Calendar section and click the Synchronize Calendar button. 

Select Google Calendar and click the Connect button.

Log in or select the appropriate Google account. Allow the Bitrix24 Connector app to access your Google calendar.

Done. Your Google Calender is connected.

How it works

You create a separate calendar on Google and copy all of your employees' events from the Bitrix24 calendar to it. Synchronization works in real time and both ways - from Google to Bitrix24, and vice versa.

When creating an event in the Google calendar, you only need to select the employee's calendar in Bitrix24.

Click the Calendars button and disable displaying of unnecessary calendars.

Setting up Google calendar synchronization

Bitrix24 connects all calendars of your Google account by default. You can set up individual Google calendars sync.

Click Synchronization in the Calendar section and open Google Calendar sync. Select Google calendars you want to synchronize with Bitrix24.

Disable synchronization with Google calendar

To disable the synchronization, click Synchronization button in the Bitrix24 Calendar section, then click Connected in the Google Calendar sync settings > click the Disconnect button.

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