Personalization tags in CRM forms

Personalization tags are special characters that are replaced with clients data when they open the form.

Personalization tags are placed in the CRM form. When the client opens the form using the personal link, the tags will be replaced with the client`s name. This is a great tool to increase loyalty to the company.

Personalization tags can be used in the title and subtitle of the form. The following tags are supported: First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Middle Name, Phone Number, Email.

You can also add personalisation tags to form fields. Read more in the article Personalized CRM forms and "Client match" feature.

How to use personalization tags

Go to the CRM form > Headers and buttons section.

Write text in the title or subtitle of the form and then add a tag. To do this, click ... next to the field. Then save changes. 

In the CRM, create a robot that sends an email with a link to the form. Write an accompanying text.

Add a link to the text. In the menu, choose Personalized CRM forms and the desired form. Save your changes.

Move the deal to the stage with the robot. It will send an email to the client with a link to the form.

The clients will click the link and see a form with their names.

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