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Projects & workgroups in Bitrix24

Workgroup is a virtual community of users created for discussing and solving of defined issues, goals and tasks.

By uniting users into workgroups for collaboration and projects, all communication and data related to a given project or team is organized in a single place. 

Projects in Bitrix24 are based on Workgroups. The main difference is that project has project dates. Tasks in projects cannot be set outside the project dates.

You will be able to access all your project data easily by opening the corresponding workgroup.

You can keep track of all project activities & react to any group discussions in real-time. 

Invite your clients, partners, outsource help or any other external users to your Bitrix24 workgroup. All workgroup functionality is available for external users, but these third parties are able only to see the workgroups which they are a part of. 

Groups have individual permission settings and roles such as moderators, owners, and members. New members are added via invitation.

After starting the service, you can create an unlimited number of workgroups which can be edited, deleted or moved to the archive later. 

Create new workgroup

Any user of Bitrix24 account can create new workgroups.
Don't forget to specify the workgroup or project name. If the workgroup or project name is not specified, you'll get The group name is not specified error message.

Invite Users To Workgroup

You can add workgroup members during new workgroup creation or add them later from Actions > Invite to Workgroup.

Select employees you want to add & click Send invitation. 

You can invite individual users & entire departments as well (option All department & Subdepartment employees):

Group members page will show:
  • Moderators: users who can moderate the group (edit group settings, invite users to group, delete users from the group)
  • Departments: departments that you've invited to join the group.
  • Members: individual users who have confirmed workgroup invitation (joined the group already). 
  • Connected users: users of connected (invited) departments. When you invite the whole department with all its employees, the department employees will be automatically added to the group & will be shown here.
To be able to invite external users to the workgroup (by email) please go to Actions > Edit Workgroup & enable Available on Extranet option.

Workgroup features

Besides main features there are several additional options available:
  • Hide tasks mode: hides task notifications from the workgroup Activity Stream.
  • Notifications tab: enables\disables workgroup notifications.
  • Group Actions tab: open main workgroup settings & options.

Who can create workgroups

Any Bitrix24 account user can create a new workgroup.
The group owner can set who can invite users to the group in Actions > Edit Group > More. There are 3 choices available:
  • group owner only
  • group owner and moderators
  • all group members

Main Workgroup Parameters

When you create a new workgroup the system will show you a workgroup parameters window. You can edit these parameters at any time later inside the workgroup Actions > Edit Workgroup:

1. Descriptionadd workgroup name, description & image. Also, you can change the workgroup owner and select moderators.

Click More to access additional settings.

2. Features: you can select which tools will be available inside your workgroup.

3. Users allowed to invite to the workgroup: you can set who can invite users to group here.

4. Tags: add tags to make workgroups searching much easier.

5. Workgroup type:

  • Visible to all - makes group visible to all account users.
  • Open group - any account user can join the group.
  • Archived - allows to move workgroup to archive, group is not deleted & all data is saved. 
  • Available on extranet - extranet users will be able to use this workgroup.
  • Project - converts the workgroup into project.

Feature Settings

You can configure workgroup features (tools) under Actions > Access permissions. Please note that access permissions for workgroup Drive & Calendar & Lists should be configured individually inside each tool. 
You can create unlimited number of workgroups. Existing workgroups can be moved to Extranet or archived.

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