General requests & workflows configuration

Please note that workflows are available to Bitrix24 Standard & Professional plan subscribers only. You can have no more than 2 simultaneously running workflows for the same element at the same time (e.g. no more than 2 Activity Stream workflows at the same time).

Workflows configuration

Unlike other preset workflow templates in Bitrix24, this is a simple request form you can send to any employee.

Configuration: Bitrix24 administrators can use Settings option for workflow configuration:

- set which workflows will be shown in the Activity Stream:

- set access permissions for Bitrix24 employees - for that click on the workflow name>settings:

The "edit workflow" page will be opened - click access section:

New fields can also be added to the workflow: click "workflow fields":

Here you can edit existing fields or add new ones:

In the new field form you should:

- give a name to the new field;
- choose field's type (string, file, date, number, list, etc.);
- you also can set the field to be required (form won't be sent until it is filled), multiple (field may have more than one value):

After the new field is added - it will appear in the workflow (request) form:

The workflow template conditions & rules can also be customized:

- use "business process" icon in the workflow page:

- click on the workflow name in the business templates page:

- business process template edit page will be opened - here you can edit the process with the help of right-sided menu:

Please read our Training Course for more information on business processes creation.

How the General Requests workflow works

You will need to fill the following required fields - title and sent request to, if you'd like you can also add description and priority level:

The employee whom you have addressed your request will receive it immediately with "refuse" or "accept" tabs:

After the user responsible for the requests accepts it, the workflow is immediately updated in the Activity Stream with "completed" status:

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