New types of Instagram Direct messages support

We did a lot of work on the Instagram Direct channel and added all types of messages that can be sent.


The Instagram Direct channel only supported certain types of messages: texts, photos, video files, emoji.

All other types, such as audio messages, were either marked as unsupported message type and were not shown in the open channel chat, or came as a link.


All previously unsupported message types are handled correctly and new features have been added:

  • Audio notes - come as files that you can listen to in the chat.
  • Disappearing messages of a single view or multiple ones - uploaded to the open channel chat. They can be viewed. These messages remain in the chat of the Bitrix24 operator regardless of whether they disappear or not, until the customer deletes them from the chat.
  • The format of forwarded messages is changed - a chat message with a picture is sent instead of a long link.
  • Reaction to stories format has been changed - now both the story and the reaction to it are shown in the chat.
  • A link to the customer's profile is always sent to the operator's chat, and also entered to the CRM form.
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