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Connect Instagram Business account


Connect your Facebook page to Bitrix24 Open Channels and process Instagram comments in the Bitrix24 account.

Here are some features you get when connecting your Instagram Business Account with Bitrix24:

  • You get Instagram comments and process them in Bintrix24 in real time.
  • Enquires are automatically distributed according to the selected distribution mode.
  • Process Instagram comments in Bitrix24 Messenger.
Facebook has changed the algorithm of Instagram integration. All the earlier connected Instagram accounts will be disconnected soon. You'll need to reconnect your Instagram account by using Instagram Business Account connector.

How to create an Instagram business account

By default, all Instagram accounts are created as personal accounts. To switch to a business account, you need to:

  • Launch Instagram mobile app > open Settings > Switch to Business Account:
  • Enter the information about your company.
  • Done! Your personal Instagram account is switched to a business account.

How to add your Instagram account to your Facebook Page

First of all, you need to have a Facebook Page created.

You can create a Facebook Page in your Facebook profile.

Learn how to create a Facebook Page in Facebook Help Center.

Then you need to connect your Instagram Business Account with your Facebook Page. Click Settings > Instagram.

After logging in to your account, the Instagram account will be connected with the Facebook Page.

Important! One Instagram Business Account can be linked only to one Facebook Page.

How to connect an Instagram Business Account with Bitrix24

Now you can connect an Instagram Business Account with Bitrix24.

  1. You need to be logged in as a Facebook Page administrator.
  2. Open Contact Center section > click Instagram Business > select an open channel > add users to the queue > click Connect.
  3. Click Log in.
  4. Select Facebook Page that you have connected your Instagram Business Account to and click Connect.
  5. Your Instagram Business Account is connected with Bitrix24.

How it works

Your customer comments your post on Instagram.

User from the queue gets this message and communicates with the customer in Bitrix24 Messenger. Message history is saved to Bitrix24 CRM. Also, if it's a new customer, a new lead is created automatically.

  • Leads are not created from Instagram comments as these comments are processed in a group chat.

  • Bitrix24 collects Instagram comments in real time.

  • You'll be logged in as a Facebook Page administrator for 60 days. If you don't change the connection configuration, chats will work correctly. But if you want to change the connection configuration after 60 days, you'll need to log in as a Facebook Page administrator again.

  • Only new comments are collected. The old ones are not added to Bitrix24 CRM.

  • You can send not more than 60 replies per hour to Instagram comments.

  • Instagram has a 300 symbols per comment limitation, which means when your comment sent via Bitrix24 chat exceeds 300 symbols - we cut your comments in parts. For example, if your comment is 350 symbols, it will be cut in two.

  • Your reply may have no more than 4 hashtags (#). Comments with a larger number of hashtags won't appear on Instagram.

  • You can send only 1 link in your reply.

  • Your reply cannot be all capital letters.

  • Messages sent via Instagram Direct are not processed by Bitrix24 due to Instagram API restrictions.

  • You can edit/delete any messages in this open channel.
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