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We have released a new tool for working with documents in CRM - Bitrix24.Sign. Now you don't need to print paper copies and meet with your counterparty in person to sign a contract. Just create and send an electronic document, and your counterparties will be able to sign it right from their mobile phones.

The new signature tool saves you time and money: all information about your company and counterparty is downloaded from CRM, and you can send a document to sign by sms or email.

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We have made the procedure of preparing and signing documents convenient and fast. The whole process is lined up in a certain sequence.

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You can be sure that the document will not be changed after signing. Use a special service to check the signed document.

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The number of documents to sign can be quite large, but you can always control the process with the pipeline steps.

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You can limit or expand the range of employees who can perform actions with the documents in the Bitrix24.Sign section.

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Working with the Bitrix24.Sign tool can be easier if you configure automation rules.

Read more in the article: Automation in Bitrix24.Sign.
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