Sales tunnels

Modern business is not just sales, but also its additional services. For example, if you have a web studio, you probably not just create and sell websites, but also offer your clients to select your company to maintain their website. Or if you sell dishwashers, you probably deliver and install them.

Every additional service is a separate deal pipeline and sales funnel with its own stages, operating principles and goals. Sales tunnels in Bitrix24 help you connect these separate deal pipelines.

Click CRM > Deals > click the deal pipeline name > click Sales pipelines and tunnels in the dropdown menu.

In this section, you can view the list of existing deal pipelines and their stages and create new ones. Just click the Add pipeline button.

Read more in the article - Multiple pipelines.

For example, our company sells, installs and maintains dishwashers. Let's create deal pipelines for each of these services.

New pipelines have default stages. You can edit these stages or add new ones on the fly.

Bitrix24 allows not only creating and configuring pipelines but also connecting them. This connection is called a sales tunnel. You can create sales tunnels by simply dragging and dropping deal pipelines' stages.

You can create a tunnel between the stages of any different pipelines. However, a tunnel cannot link the stages of the same pipeline.

In our example, when we successfully sell a dishwasher, we need to transfer the deal to the Installation pipeline and then to the Maintenance pipeline.

If for some reason we fail to complete a deal when it's in the Installation pipeline, we need to transfer it back to the Sales pipeline, for example, to suggest a discount to the client.

Click on the sales tunnel to edit it. The first option allows you to choose whether to copy or move a deal to another pipeline. Click Configure to edit the automation rule settings. Click Delete to remove the tunnel.

In fact, tunnel is an automation rule that copies or moves a deal to another pipeline. As in other automation rules, you can edit its conditions and runtime.

In this section, you can also configure the automation rules for each pipeline and use Sales Boost.

For example, when a deal is in the Maintenance pipeline, we can automatically send messages with our special offers to our clients.

In addition, a dishwasher requires planned maintenance every year, and we want to offer clients our services. Sales Boost helps create repeat deals automatically.

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