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FAQ: migration apps

Migration apps are aimed at ensuring flexible options for your business to make a transition to Bitrix24. Bitrix24 Integrations team offers a wide range of such apps allowing for fast and comfortable data import.

Migrators follow quite a strict programming logic to help you adapt to the most common use-case scenarios. The article contains answers to frequently asked questions about migration apps.

Scenarios implemented within third-party solutions may differ.

Are migration apps free?

Our migration apps are provided free of charge, including the free Bitrix24 plan.

Such apps are usually labelled as containing 'in-app purchases', since a valid license of external service is usually required to access API for data transfer. As soon as migration is complete, you'll be able to deactivate the external account.

Is it possible to transfer data from Bitrix24 using these apps?

No, the apps are designed for unidirectional data flow: from third-party services to Bitrix24.

Can I use the app to sync the two services (e.g. for updating data from time to time)?

No, since our migration apps are aimed at smooth transition from a third-party service to a new Bitrix24 account. The apps do not check for duplicate items, that is, new migration attempts will result in duplicating the data.

I do not need all the data. Is partial data migration possible?

We strive to preserve all the data you have. Our migration apps import all the data which is accessible via provided API credentials. Partial data transfer is not possible.

Can I pause migration after it has been started?

Once migration is started, it cannot be paused or stopped until completed. Make sure to check the user manual and set appropriate preferences prior to starting the process.

How long does it take to import all data?

There are several impact factors, such as third-party API limits as well as limits in Bitrix24 REST API, generic server queue and the amount of data to be transferred. Our team monitors migration metrics regularly to guarantee the most optimal infrastructure performance.

Feel free to reach out to Bitrix24 support in case migration seems to be stuck or there is any doubt.

I need a more flexible solution for data exchange and sync. How do I do that?

Bitrix24 REST API allows for creating such a solution. Make sure to check the app catalog. If there are no suitable options just yet, do not hesitate to reach out to our partners for an alternative.

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