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New Filters In CRM


We’ve made it easier to search and organize your CRM records by introducing new customizable grid and search filters. 

Same as before, filters can be found at most CRM sections - leads, contacts, companies, deals, quotes & invoices. 

You can use filters to search for a particular CRM record(s) or categorize them. 

Two default filters that you can find on the left  - "modified by me" & "my contacts" - can be edited, deleted, moved or pinned. Please note that you can use "Save for all" option to save filter configuration for all users of your Bitrix24 account. 

You can also configure & save your own filters:

Add your custom filter name on the left:

Use filters for categorizing: switch between different CRM records list types - industries, markets, personal filters, etc. 
Few more tips:

1. If you know only a part of the field’s value name, you can use % in place(s) of missed value name parts. For example, if you know the beginning of the phone number you should enter numbers you know + % ( e.g. 102% ) If you know the end of the number – add % before it (e.g. %177)

2.  If you know the middle part of the field’s value – you need to put % on the both sides (e.g. %550%)

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