Plivo SMS app

Send SMS using Plivo right from your Bitrix24.

The integration app is free of charge and available for all Bitrix24 commercial plan subscribers.
Plivo messaging rates apply.

Installation & Setup

To install the app, follow the standard installation procedure.

Enter your Auth ID, Auth Token, and Sender ID on the app's settings page:

Get those from your Plivo console:

After successfully saving the credentials, test the integration:

If you're on Plivo's Free Trial, you will need to verify a destination number before you can send messages to it. You can do that in the Sandbox Number section of your Plivo console.

Some of the popular ways of sending SMS messages from Bitrix24:

  • Manually from CRM leads, deals, contacts, and companies
  • Manually from CRM marketing section
  • Automatically using automation rules
The phone numbers in your CRM must be saved according to the E.164 international format for the integration to work. E.g. +1 415 555-2671.

To send an SMS from CRM, open any of your leads, deals, contacts, or companies and click on SMS activity on the right:

If you have multiple SMS providers integrated into your Bitrix24, you can select Plivo specifically before sending a message:

Send messages automatically using CRM automation rules:

Choose the provider inside the action block:

You can use Plivo as your SMS marketing option when launching your campaigns:

Check if your current Bitrix24 plan allows you to send Bulk SMS messages.

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