TextLocal SMS Integration app

TextLocal SMS Integration allows automating your business by connecting SMS with automation rules, workflows, CRM and CRM Marketing.

Install the app

Go to the Applications section > SMS Providers > TextLocal SMS.

Click Install.

Read and agree with the Bitrix24 Marketplace Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and License Agreement > click Install.

Click Finish.

Register TextLocal account

If already have a TextLocal account, log in to your TextLocal account and skip this step.

Go to the TextLocal website and click Sign up.

Complete the form. You need to specify your company name if you've selected the Business type of account. Click Sign up.

Your sign up was successful.

Go to your email inbox and follow the link to complete your registration.

Complete the Your Details section, specify your password and default sender name, accept terms & conditions, and click Activate my account.

Done! Your account is created and activated.

Get TextLocal API key

To connect the created TextLocal account to Bitrix24, you need to get the TextLocal API key.

Go to Settings > API Keys.

Click Create New Key.

You can leave the fields blank, or you can specify IP addresses to only allow access from this key to specific systems. Click Save New Key.

Copy the created API key.

Go back to your Bitrix24 and open the TextLocal SMS app.

Paste the TextLocal API key to the corresponding field and click Save.

The Test button will become active. Click it, specify the phone number you want to send test SMS to, specify the test message text and click Send.

You need to have at least one text credit on your TextLocal account to be able to send the test SMS message. Read more about TextLocal pricing.

If everything is good, you will get an "SMS sent successfully" notification. Close the window.

Now, you are ready to send SMS via TextLocal to your clients.

How it works

You can send SMS messages via TextLocal from a deal/lead/contact/company card:

Also, you can configure the Send SMS automation rule:

Or you can select the TextLocal as an SMS provider when creating an SMS campaign in CRM Marketing.

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