Email Marketing Tips

Email Campaign is a great tool allowing companies to accomplish repeat sales and earn more. But it is not easy to create an effective email campaign and prevent it from going to spam. Read our tips and make your emails result in deals instead of spam!

Add the "Unsubscribe" link

Each email sent from Bitrix24 Email Campaign has Unsubscribe & Report Spam options.

By default, the "Unsubscribe" link is added to the Footer block.

Just drag this block to the place where you want to add this link.

If you use your custom HTML template, use this code:

You are receiving this message because you have previously registered with us as our customer. Please <a style="color: #0054a5;" href="#UNSUBSCRIBE_LINK#">click here</a> if you no longer want to receive emails from us.

Write the selling text

A good selling text can hook a client and help you do more deals. That's why it is important to carefully consider the message (content) of your emails.

You can read this interview to find more interesting ideas concerning content marketing.

Increase your daily limit on sending emails

In Bitrix24 there is an internal email campaign spam system rating that depends on the number of received spam reports. If the number of emails sent from your Bitrix24 is growing with no spam reports from recipients, then the number of email messages you can send from your Bitrix24 will be growing.

By default, your email restriction is 1'000 emails per day, to start with. To increase the daily limit, you need to exceed the current limit. The allowed number of emails will be sent, and the rest of the emails will be added to the queue. The limit will be increased the next day, and these remaining emails will be sent. However, if there are too many spam reports, your daily limit may not increase or may even decrease.

You can always check your current restrictions at Marketing > Settings.

There are plenty of email verification services, such as MailTester. You can use them to learn if the email campaign may result in spam and how to prevent that.

Send emails to real customers

Avoid sending emails to non-existent recipient email addresses. Such emails are considered to be "errors". If you have too many "errors", the daily limit will not be increased.

The monthly email limit is determined by your Bitrix24 plan. Please refer to our pricing page for details.

Set the monthly limit for email campaigns

Each Bitrix24 plan provides a certain number of emails you can send per month. This limitation includes ordinary emails as well as email campaigns.

Specify the percentage of emails dedicated to email campaigns at Marketing > Settings in order not to lose the opportunity to send ordinary emails. If you plan to use mail for email marketing only, you can set 100% of emails.

For example, your Bitrix24 plan allows you to send 5'000 emails per month. You can dedicate 90% of them to email marketing. If you create an email campaign with 6'000 emails. Only 4'500 emails will be sent, the rest of them will be added to the queue for the next month. You will have 500 emails left to send ordinary emails.

Email sending limits of email service providers

If you use an external SMTP server to send emails, the email service provider may impose limits on the number of outgoing emails that can be sent within a day.

For example, Gmail allows to send up to 500 emails every 24 hours by default. If you send an email to multiple recipients, each of them is counted as a separate email. This daily limit may be changed based on the algorithms used by Gmail to verify if you are a reliable sender.

To avoid any possible restrictions on sending emails via SMTP, you can set your limit manually for a specific mailbox.

You can do it when creating an email campaign. Select a sender and click the pencil button to edit it:

To edit the SMTP server settings, you should enable this option in Webmail > Mailbox settings > Send using external SMTP. Read more in the article - Use SMTP server to send emails.

After that, activate the SMTP server option > Enable daily message limit and specify the number of emails for it.

You can also apply these settings when adding a new sender.

Thus, in the Marketing section the limits for sending outgoing emails are checked in a specific order:

  1. Monthly Bitrix24 limit - depends on your Bitrix24 plan; the system verifies if it is still allowed to send emails in the current month;
  2. Daily Bitrix24 limit - depends on your reputation as an email sender.
  3. Daily SMTP limit - depends on your email service provider.
It is not recommended to send high numbers of emails via free public email services. You should use special email marketing services for this purpose.
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