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Calendar view for leads and deals


Use Calendar view for leads and deals to evaluate your workload on a certain day.

Calendar view is especially useful for selling services. You can always check resources or employees availability on a certain date to do an accurate client scheduling.
Read more about Booking resources.

Calendar view settings

Calendar view has several important settings:

  • Choose a time period to be shown - Day, Week or Month.
  • Choose a sorting type to be used.
  • You can sort leads by date they were Created on. You can sort deals by date they were Created on or Completed on. Also, you can use any Date/Time or Book a Resource custom fields.

Calendar view usage example

Calendar view is very helpful when you want to see how many deals were completed on a certain date and analyze this information. For example, it's easy to see how many deals were completed when you did a promotion.
Just click on a date to add a new lead or deal.
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