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Receive email notifications


You can receive Bitrix24 notifications to website and desktop apps by default. Also, you can get Bitrix24 mobile app push notifications.

Note that email notifications are disabled by default, but you can always enable them.

A user gets email notifications only if he/she is offline. If the user is online (browser with Bitrix24 account is opened or Bitrix24 desktop app is launched), email notifications are not sent. Also, please note that email notifications are not sent immediately, they are sent in 10-15 minutes.

Enable email notifications

There are two ways to enable email notifications:

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner > Configure notifications.

  2. Or click Settings > Notifications in desktop app or web messenger.

You can configure email notifications for particular options & tools using Advanced mode.

Telephony and Drive notifications

Enable Drive Notifications to receive notifications if any file in shared folders connected to your Drive is changed by any other user.

Enable Telephony Notifications to receive notifications if:

  • telephony balance is low
  • the phone number was disconnected due to failure to pay
  • you don't have enough telephony credits to pay for renting a phone number
  • the phone number was disconnected or will be disconnected soon
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