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UTM parameters

UTM parameters are used to track the effectiveness of online marketing campaigns across traffic sources and publishing media.

For example, using these parameters helps to understand which site or webpage brings you more customers, which keyword resulted in the ad being shown, etc.

UTM parameters look like a part of URL. Here is the example URL. UTM parameters are highlighted after the question mark:

Those who use Google Analytics may know about UTM parameters. But for the purposes of CRM, we do not need all the extensive analytics tools, we will use only some simple features.

How it works

For example, let's try to use UTM parameters to find out how many people will fill in Sale CRM web form after clicking the Banner that they've seen in Google.

Copy the URL of the page that you've added CRM web form to.

In this example, we use Google Campaign URL Builder to add UTM parameters to the URL, but you can use any of similar services.

Paste your URL to Website URL field, fill in the other fields (Campaign Source field is mandatory). Then copy the generated URL.

Replace the original URL by the generated URL.

Publish the website and that's it!

Website visitor clicks Get! button > fills in the CRM web form.

The new lead is created in CRM. Press the cogwheel button to configure list view for leads.

Tick UTM Source, UTM Medium, UTM Campaign and click Apply.

Done! Now you can analyze the effectiveness of your online marketing campaigns in Bitrix24 CRM!

UTM parameters work the same way even if you've connected your own domain or have a website created not in Bitrix24.Sites.
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