Facebook Lead Ads integration

You can use your CRM web forms in Facebook Lead Ads. When a client fills out a form on Facebook, information is automatically sent to Bitrix24 CRM, and a new lead is created.

How it works

Open Contact Center section > click Facebook Lead Ads > select a CRM web form that you want to use or create a new one.

Click Connect and log in to your Facebook account.

When connecting your Facebook page to Bitrix24 for the first time, you need to grant Bitrix24 permission to manage your pages.
Read more information about connecting Facebook to Bitrix24 in the article Facebook and Instagram sales features.

Specify Facebook form name and select a Facebook page the form will be used for.

Then click Link to Facebook.

Done! Add the form to your Facebook ad and get more leads in Bitrix24.

You can unlink your Facebook page in the same window.

To view the list of connected Bitrix24 CRM web forms, click Publishing Tools > Forms Library.

You can also integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Bitrix24 by clicking CRM > CRM forms > select a web form > click Facebook Ads.

How to test form integration with Facebook

You can check how the forms work using a tool from Facebook: click the link.

In the opened window, select your page and the desired form.

Press the Preview form button.

Fill out the form and click Next.

If all the settings are made correctly, the lead will appear in your Bitrix24.

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