How to use Feed

What is Feed

Feed allows users to be aware of all the current activities pertaining to them, such as new messages, comments, files, workflows or tasks notifications, etc.

You can create tasks in Feed, send appreciations, make announcements, run workflows, comment and like posts, create polls, etc.

The main purpose of Feed is to improve internal communication in your company and make it easier.


It is the most popular way to communicate in Feed. You can write messages to all employees, a group of employees or a specific employee. The text of the message can be designed in the visual editor, and the necessary file can be attached to the message.

When a post is published, you can see how many people have viewed it. You can comment on the post and express your emotions through likes and emoji.

The message can be made important so that employees pay special attention to it. You can also use the message to thank your colleagues for their work or congratulate them on a special occasion.

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Make an announcement

Sometimes you may need to draw the attention of your colleagues to some important information. It can be done with the help of the Announcement option.

Click More > Announcements.

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Pinned messages

To keep important information from getting lost in Feed, pin a message to the top. Click the pin icon or pin the message through the More menu.

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Add Feed post to favorites

If you know that you'll need the information from Feed post later and don't want to look through all Feed messages, just add this post to favorites by clicking More > Add to favorites.

You can view all messages marked as favorite by using the Favorites filter.


You can attach video to your message. You can also record a video directly from the message or from a comment in Feed. Your video will only be seen by the employees you specify as recipients.

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You can attach and publish files of any extension. Download it from your Bitrix24.Drive or from your computer. Also, you can create documents using special programs. Share files with colleagues and discuss all details in comments to the publication.

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In order to make an important decision, a company needs to know the opinion of employees on the specific issue. You can publish a post with a poll among all employees or specific departments. In an open poll, you can see the number of people who voted, as well as who exactly voted for each item.

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If your company has an important event coming up and you need to involve certain employees in its organization, you can create an event in Feed. Specify the event date, start and end time, as well as its location and participants. Set a reminder for especially forgetful colleagues.

Workflows and tasks

You can set tasks and start workflows for your employees. For example, send an invoice for payment or a vacation request.

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