Workgroup (project) knowledge base

Company knowledge base usually provides basic information for all the company employees.

You can create a knowledge base in any workgroup or project to store the information designed for a specific department employees only.

Check if project knowledge bases are available in your Bitrix24 plan.

Go to a workgroup or a project, click More > Knowledge base.

Select one of the standard templates or download a template from our Market.

Specify the knowledge base name and description, select a color theme and click Create:

You're all set to add and edit the knowledge base pages.

Click the cogwheel button in the sidebar menu to add new menu items and pages.

Then you can add blocks with different items (text, image, video) to the knowledge base pages and edit them.

Read more in the article - Filling a knowledge base.

Also, you can create a knowledge base by clicking the three dots button in the right corner > Extensions. You can find the list of all the knowledge bases created this way in Company > Knowledge base section. These knowledge bases are available to all employees.

If you create a knowledge base by clicking More > Knowledge base, only the workgroup (project) members will have access to it.

For quick access to the workgroup (project) knowledge base, drag it to the top menu.

Any member of the workgroup/project can edit its knowledge base by default. To configure access permissions to the workgroup (project) knowledge base, follow the instruction provided in this article - Workgroup knowledge bases access permissions.
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