Filling a knowledge base

A knowledge base in Bitrix24 consists of pages connected with each other. You can add blocks with text and images to these pages. All pages are displayed in the knowledge base navigation menu.

Add pages

You can add a new page by clicking Edit or New page.

If you click the Edit button, click the Add menu item to add a new page. You can also click the names of other items to rename the existing pages.

If you click the New page button, you'll need to specify the page name and click the check mark button.

New pages will be added to the navigation menu.

Read more in the article - Standard and nested menus.

Edit text

Pages consist of blocks with text and images.

Click the text you want to edit and replace it with your text. You can use the toolbar to change the text formatting.

Replace images

Click the image you want to replace > click the Upload button.

Actions with blocks

You can perform various actions with blocks by using the actions panel on the right. Click arrows to move blocks up or down, click the trash bin button to delete the block.

Click the Actions button to expand the actions menu.

If you need to add several identical block items, you can click the + button to add exactly the same item.

Change the block design

Click the Design button to configure paddings, margin, background color, etc.

Add a new block

To add a new block, click the Add block button.

Select a block type you want to add in the menu on the left.

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