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A company is an important CRM record that contains information about some organization. It doesn't matter if this organization is your client, supplier, or partner.

How to work with companies

First of all, you need to add a new company. Read more in the article - Add a new company to CRM.

Go to the CRM > Companies section.

You can use the search bar to find the company you need. Also, you can filter the search results.

Read more in the article - Search in Bitrix24 CRM.

Click the cogwheel button to import/export companies or start the duplicate control.

Read more about Import to Bitrix24 CRM, Export CRM data and Duplicate Control.

List view

The Companies section is represented as a list of companies. This list contains basic information about companies: company name, current activities and creation date.

Read more about the list view in Bitrix24 CRM in the article - List view in CRM.

Click a company name to open its form.

Read more in the article - CRM elements form.

Available actions

Open the actions menu to view, edit, copy, delete a company.

You can also select several companies and then select an action that will be applied to these companies.

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