Company is a CRM element that contains detailed information about a company. The company can be your client, a supplier or a partner.

Keep your suppliers data in the Companies section, so you have all your communication history in one place. If you work in the b2b sector, all your clients should be in the same section.

Company list

Go to the CRM section - Customers tab - Companies.

The list of companies contains basic information.

You can configure the information you want to see in the list.

List view in CRM

You can use the search bar to find the company you need by name, phone number, email address or field of activity.

Search in Bitrix24 CRM

Click the settings button to import/export companies or start the duplicate control.

To see the total number of companies, click the Show quantity option at the bottom of the page.

How to work with companies

Click the Create button to add a new company and specify all information in the form.

The company form consists of two parts: the information about the company and the connection to other CRM elements and planned activities. You can also save company details and an invoice for payment.

Available actions

Click the menu next to the company name to view, edit, copy, or delete the company.

You can also select several companies and then select an action that will be applied to these companies.

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